Sunday, October 20, 2013

Eternal Sunshine

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I am always interested in music from new artists who put their heart and soul into their craft. Selena's first track and video I saw was Eternal Sunshine and it really touched me and I must say she, as a music artist and a very talented young woman has the gift in really expressing her vision and talents. I was so fascinated by it I had to play it over and over again. I am writing a brief introduction here but will share a larger than life story of my new found friend and let her know that I am a fan and I will share my joy in writing a little bit about her and I am eager to see her in person and give her a big embrace as her story really touched me. I will share an excerpt of her story from her Reverbnation page as it truly is inspiring.

One of my music writings I wish to share from my Hubpages
Songs that touch my heart

I've been writing for many reasons and I love music for many reasons and when I come across an artist that makes me feel good I want to learn everything I can so I can follow them and be a devoted fan and share their music with my son on the autistic spectrum who loves music like I do.

I always admired musicians because they have a way with words and know how to arrange it into a musical composition and add their creative talents to make a life experience or idea into a song. I express my admiration for this skill in one of my hubs which I will share on this blog entry which I am dedicating to my good friend, Selena Garcia.

My hub writings on words and expression and music related writings
My writing on Words and Expression by Emily
Selena Garcia's story on Emily's Hubpages

Selena on youtube
Selena on youtube- Pledge Music Campaign Video

Selena Garcia Never Say Never Video

I am proud to showcase this for a wonderful and talented singer and songwriter. Selena you inspire me because I too have a story which hopefully you will get to see and maybe we can become good friends. I love music and I have an autistic son and I am male to female transgender and am striving to get back in a good way so I can advocate for my son for Autism, for myself for transgender, depression and ACOA and suicide awareness as I lost my parents both to depression and my dad the result of suicide.

I am a fan of music as is my son. I love Hey Monday, Casadee Pope, The Accidentals, Chasin Aces and so much more including Selena Garcia.

As written by Ms. Selena Garcia from her Reverbnation page
Two years ago, Selena Garcia quit her job. She sold her belongings and packed up her cozy life in Los Angeles to hit the road for the unknown. Over the next nine months, she drove across the country -- playing shows, meeting with producers, and soaking up everything that her new environments had to offer. Her travels took her to Austin, Nashville, New York, and as far as London. Eventually, she settled in New York City.
“I loved every city, but had no doubt that New York was the city that was going to push me to be my best. LA was my home base for several years before I knew that in order to get better, I needed to leave my comfort zone,” says Garcia.

Best wishes Selena,

Emily Iannielli

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