Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Emily speaking on her transition from male to female

"Little Eddie"

"Little Eddie" all grown up living as Emily, the "girl" she always knew she was since age of 4

Emily's current video of being male to female transgender

If I could express what I feel in my heart I would say that I am finally happy living as a "girl". I was always a girl but only I knew it as I was too afraid to reveal my "little" or should I say "big" secret to anyone including family and my best friend until I was in my early 30's trying desperately to come out in the wake of my mom's tragic death. I was still unable to come out for fear of how it would affect my dad. Life is very complicated and all I can say is I am very happy marrying my wife and having a son.
I was surviving as Ed and even managed obtaining a mechanical engineering degree at Virginia Tech after studying two years at Nassau Community College. Then I managed to further my education by enhancing my technical education with a business education at Hofstra University where I studied Accounting and obtained my CPA. Despite my internal struggles I did manage to find my way in life as Ed and thought I could live in the closet until the day I died until some tragedies happened.

My dad's unimaginable suicide and a having to come to grips with my close friend's death 2 years later at age 40 who was there for me throughout my dad's tragic passing. It tore me up inside knowing he  left behind a wife and baby girl. It was a major blow and I needed to seek therapy once again where I had to make the hardest decision of my life which was to become the "girl" I always knew I was since the age of 4 and now that I was in my early 50's it was now or never and I so wanted it to be now so I faced the painful reality of having to come out to my family and employer and then to my friends. I survived it so far and am now on my way as I present as Emily full time despite my recent setbacks.
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Life is a wonder and also filled with joy, pain, happiness, sorrow, celebration, mourning, holiday cheer, tragedy, euphoria and depression with a cloud of uncertainty so what that means is we may as well live our life and adapt to all changing circumstances so we can experience our life as it was meant to be and eventually do all we can for our family until it is our time to depart. Live, Love, Celebrate, Mourn and Appreciate what you have because it does not last forever.

As written by Edward D. Iannielli III (aka Emily Iannielli)

Picture of our beloved coach Al Berkowsky with me in front row to left and some of my teammates and runners from earlier years

Emily dancing to a favorite song of hers.

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