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Thank you Sullivan & Kehoe, LLP

The law firm I highly recommend to consider in the disability process is Sullivan & Kehoe, LLP located at 44 Main Street, Kings Park, NY 11754, Phone (631) 269-1515, Toll Free 1 (800) 395-7830

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They are represented by legal experts Michael Sullivan and Frank Kehoe and they have become expert in handling such cases.
I speak from experience as I was well represented by them and they helped me with my disability case from the application process and in gathering my medical documentation and I always had a kind representative helping me throughout the process.
As far as my review of the representation and conclusion of the process I was more than happy and this is one way of reaching out to express my gratitude.

I have been out of work since April 9, 2013 where I was working at Tribeca Pediatrics, LLC and after only seven months was subsequently let go. I was working with professionalism, dedication and was always punctual. Although I did not have a perfect attendance record due to personal issues with respect to my son who is autistic and an occasional sick day when I was literally sick they fully understood. I was treated well by the practice manager but it seemed the owner wanted me out from the beginning so after only seven months I was told to be ready for my formal dismissal on April 30, 2013. As a result I was going to work trying to be upbeat and positive knowing what was coming at the end of the month. I was starting to get sick and my autistic son was also struggling and I felt this terrible stress which led to panic attacks and then with not much sleep the night before I readied myself to start working and as I turned to my supervisor she asked me if I was ok and as I was trying to say "Help me" I collapsed to the floor and was brought over to a couch to rest while emergency was dispatched. I was brought to Bellevue Medical Center where I was admitted April 9th and spent 10 days as I had been long suffering with severe depression and transgender issues.

When I was released from the hospital, I reached out to my supervisor but could only leave a message. When I got home from the hospital I checked my messages and was told via message by my supervisor to stay home to heal and not worry about work and that I would still be paid until April 30 and then officially dismissed. I was dismayed and called suicide hotline that very night and when I told my case worker at Beth Israel she told me to come see her the next day in the afternoon even though my scheduled appointment wasn't until the following week. I wound up back in the hospital after a 911 call was placed by a representative at NYS Unemployment several days later. I was brought to Nassau University Medical Center (NUMC) in East Meadow, NY where I spent two weeks for the same condition.
A good friend of mine, Mr. Robert Findaro reached out to me and said he was going to have a representative from Sullivan & Kehoe, LLP reach out to me because he said I need to apply for Social Security disability as I was awaiting a decision on my Long term disability with the AICPA. I was very blessed when Jessica from Sullivan & Kehoe, LLP called me as I was heading to NYC to visit my doctors at Beth Israel Medical Center and she booked an appointment for me to visit with Mr. Frank Kehoe. I found that when I met with him he was very professional and to the point as to what he needed. I started to work diligently to get the hospital letters and sign forms for their permission to request my medical records.
They were very concerned for my health and my medical situation and they helped me tremendously by completing my application and providing all my necessary paperwork. I was always working with Jessica who was a sweetheart and was very respectful of my transgender situation and severe depression as was all the staff. I was sad to find out Jessica was leaving the firm to start her schooling at Hofstra but also very happy for her and I thanked her and wished her good luck. She said she would stay up to date with my case and she was cheering for me. I was then assigned Emily as my follow up case worker and it was kind of interesting that I also referred to myself as Emily too.
After a few more weeks and with the case starting in May 2013 and after I went for a medical evaluation with a third party representing Social Security I had come to learn that I was approved for disability and my son as well in late September 2013 with my first payment month of October 2013 with actual payment to start in late November 2013. I was then provided a letter from Mr. Frank Kehoe of his firm Sullivan & Kehoe, LLP confirming with me that their efforts proved successful and I was awarded the disability. I was not required to pay them as they filled out the necessary paperwork for their fee based on time and effort which amounted to $750.00 which I would have been glad to pay myself but they said not to worry.
They were truly amazing in their efforts and their communication with me and the respect they accorded me with. I knew from the beginning I was well represented and just felt the need to express my gratitude to all at Sullivan & Kehoe, LLP including of course Jessica, Emily and Mr. Frank Kehoe and their receptionist and application entry person, Shelly. I highly recommend their practice to anyone seeking disability as they are well represented and very knowledgeable and approach their clients with respect and dedication to serve the needs they have. They literally eased my mind and my burden and I am so grateful to the firm collectively. Thank you Frank and all your wonderful staff! You all were so kind, caring & understanding.

An excerpt from my latest blog entry:
Despite all my struggles I have been blessed with a very loving and supportive family, a son who means the world to me, friends who have stepped up and been there for me and my team of doctors at Beth Israel Medical Center and Callen - Lorde both located in the city. I am also very grateful to my attorneys, Sullivan and Kehoe who helped me with the application process for social security disability and in being awarded the much needed support on the first attempt. I am truly grateful to all the staff I dealt with, Jessica, Emily, Mr. Frank Kehoe and all the wonderful staff who all were very supportive and understanding of my situation and they all addressed me as Emily which made my day. I also can’t express it enough how much the AICPA has been there for me and helped me immediately upon receiving my application and all my medical paperwork with a favorable decision for long term disability in a relatively quick time frame as I patiently waited out the 13 week requirement.

 Sullivan & Kehoe, LLP

Thank you,

Edward D. Iannielli III
aka Emily Iannielli

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