Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sagamore Children's Psychiatric Hospital in Dix Hills, NY needs our help!!!!!!!

Save Sagamore Hospital in Dix Hills NY, a state funded facility operating for 4 decades dedicated to saving young lives, kids in crisis. My son is currently being treated here for depression, autism and teen age struggles and it is a long term admission to help him. My son is my life, our life and we need to see he gets the proper medical treatment he needs. This facility is a Godsend but is facing the very possibility of being closed down as you can see by the writings shared here and if that happens many young children will be at risk including my son, many fine doctors and medical staff will be out of work and an institution that stands for saving young children's lives would be lost because of a cutback by NY because government feels saving young kids lives is not top priority and balancing an unorganized and purposeless budget is more important than saving this fine institution in carrying out what it was originally created for and stood for for 4 decades of valuable service which is to save the lives of young children, tweens and teens in crisis and are at risk of getting worse or far more tragic, facing the very real threat of suicide for lack of necessary medical intevention!

After all what is most important is saving these kids rather than saving a few bucks to misappropriate to irrelevant causes that mean nothing. Kids are far more important than money! NYS, Please come to reality and make the right decision which is to save these kids without question, let this facility continue to do what it is meant to do and let these doctors stay and commit to saving these young children's lives. Trust me on this! Kids health are far more important. My son could have been dead if it wasn't for Sagamore Children's Psychiatric and if you take this away you will be putting my son at risk in addition to all these kids needing help. How can that be? I can't even imagine the repercussions felt by all if New York goes through with the planned closing of the facility but I know it will affect many and also put many young kids lives in peril. Leave Sagamore to do what it is meant to, save young lives. It is much more needed and it is worth the funding. If you close it then I will lose all faith in New York, Government and mankind for its heartlessness and lack of conscience. I pray for my son, these kids, the wonderful doctors and dedicated staff and the facility to stay and continue to save young lives. My son, Matty needs this place.

Autism is a very difficult thing to come to terms with, especially when you learn your child has recently been diagnosed with it since age of 3. I am a blogger and started writing about my son and Autism. My wife and I are trying our very best to help our son. Recently he was admitted to South Oaks hospital where he spent a month and has now been transferred to Sagamore Children's Psychiatric Hospital where he so desperately needs to be and for a longer stay so the doctors can properly monitor him, observe him and diagnose him as he also seems to be battling other issues in addition to his autism.

I started a blog called "A Father's Love, My Son and Autism" to help me cope and to also try to understand it so we could try our best to help and advocate for our son. I also have battled with my own personal struggles with depression, male to female transgender issues which I knew at age 4 when I identified as a "girl" and knew it in my mind heart and soul.

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I am working to do my part in advocating for my son, for Sagamore and all the children, families and Medical staff who will be devastated if New York decides to close this medical facility.

Sagamore Children's Psychiatric Hospital

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