Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Emily speaks about all that is important to her

Emily is speaking and telling it like it is. She is empowered as a woman now and she feels so happy  living as the female she always knew she was since the age of 4 when she would cry herself to sleep wanting desperately to awake as a "girl". She is out of the closet, speaking up, advocating for her son and autism and herself and the transgender community.

Emily is going through a lot emotionally and had attempted suicide twice and is very fortunate to have wonderful doctors, caring family (wife, son and mother-in-law) and kind and understanding friends from my high school days who had a nice party for me at Hemingway's in Wantagh, NY  last Friday where they all embraced me, accepted me, complimented me and made me feel so happy. I even have my high school cross country coach who is in my life and very concerned for my son and I and has treated us to lunch and was happy to see us.

My son needs help and is currently in the hospital where we are working together to have him placed in a long term care facility while he awaits entry into a residential school. I am trying to maintain my optimism but feel so very sad to see my son having such emotional and behavioral difficulties. I pray for him to heal, for my wife who is going through a rough time and is seeking support from her friends because she is so stressed and concerned for both Matty and myself to feel better and for my finding my inner pace and happiness.



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