Thursday, November 21, 2013

Emily with her new look for Transgender Remembrance Day 11 20 13

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  1. Emily's About Me Page! Who am I? It's complicated, I am all Emily as told in my fb page Emily's story: Life, Family and being Transgender and I am also the feminine evolution of Edward D Iannielli III who is very special in my heart and is still here but is happier more than ever since "he" is now a "she". This was something hidden from within for a whole lifetime and it took several tragedies, life events, attempted suicide on several occasions and finally a severe depression which she is trying her best to address with the medical team at BETH ISRAEL HOSPITAL who are helping her through the most difficult time in her life as she still is near breaking point with so many worries and burdens as she suffered a complete emotional and extremely painful nervous breakdown which has led to her inability to cope and work as she is very fragile and is still at risk for suicide. She is taking baby steps in her recovery and needs to be strong for her son, who is a teenager struggling with autism currently hospitalized at South Oaks Hospital for severe depression and behavioral difficulties. Emily wishes to do all she can for her son and family while trying to pick up the pieces of her shattered life and hopefully will find her strength to go on and live for herself, her son and her family. Emily Iannielli